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To promote TMNT fan art creation and admiration
Welcome to TMNT Arts, a community created to promote creativity and love for our Turtles.
The basic purpose of this community is to give TMNT fan artists a place to share their work with others. We have plans for some fun challenges, contests, and requests and more information about this will be posted soon.
For now please feel free to post your TMNT art within the guidelines listed below.

1) Please place all artwork behind an lj cut.

2) Outside the cut please include at least the following information:

3) As far as ratings go please do not post any explicit or NC-17 material. Art work that is suggestive without being explicit, or rated M, must be locked and a warning given. This goes for both sexually suggestive pieces and really gory stuff. We can handle it; just warn us and lock it. PG-13 and below need not be locked.

Note: Higher-rated material has a home! Hop on over to tmnt_adult and check it out!

4) Any medium is welcome: pencil, pen and ink, paintings, digital art, any combos thereof, photo-manips, video, etc.

5) Please post *only* your own material.

6) Subject matter may include the Turtles and any supporting canon characters. Original characters are welcome as long as the picture includes some reference to canon characters.

7) Copyright stuff: As fan artists we are all technically plagiarists. We are using likenesses of copywrited characters which are not ours. Historically Mirage not only does not care, they actively support fan art as evidenced by their fan art contest on the Mirage site and years and years of tolerating fan sites all over the internet. However, this does not mean that we may steal from our fellow thieves. Plagiarism of another fan's fan art will be deleted immediately and the perpetrator will be placed in stocks in the public square for all to mock.
Well, virtually anyway.

Important Credit: The lovely Turtle Shield icon was created by dawn_icons2 and I am in awe.